How do I create a label containing a bar code/QR code? (P-touch Editor 5.x for Windows)

Follow the steps below:


  1. Express mode:
    Click [Insert] - [Bar Code...].
    Express mode

    Professional mode:
    Click the [Bar Code] icon in the side bar.
    Professional mode

  2. The [Bar Code Properties] dialog box will appear. If necessary, change the protocol and settings from the [Protocol] tab and the [Setup] tab.
    Bar Code Properties

    Select "QR Code" or "Micro QR Code" in the [Protocol] tab to create a QR code.

  3. Click the [Input] tab. Type the bar code data in the [Data:] edit box, and then click [OK].
    Bar Code Properties

  4. The bar code will be inserted on the label. Adjust the margin, alignment, etc. and then print the label.

    Express mode:
    Express mode

    Professional mode:
    Professional mode

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