How do I download drivers and applications in Windows 10?

The download process varies depending on your browser. Follow the steps below to download the file.


  1. Go to the [Downloads] section.

  2. Select your OS and click [Search].

  3. Select the software you want to install.

  4. When the [End-User License Agreement for Brother Software] page appears, read the description first.
    Click [Agree to the EULA and Download].


  5. (Microsoft Edge)

    (Internet Explorer 11)

    (Google Chrome™)


    Microsoft Edge


    1. Downloads will start automatically.




    2. After the download has completed, click [x].




    Internet Explorer 11


    1. Click [Save].




    2. After the download has completed, click [x].




    Google Chrome™


    1. Downloads will start automatically.




    2. After the download has completed, click [x].




  6. The downloaded files will be saved in the [Downloads] folder by default.


    1. Click [File Explorer].




    2. Open the [Downloads] folder from [Quick access].



    3. Run the downloaded file and follow the installation procedure.

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