FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Glossy Paper does not feed correctly. What can I do?

Using a thicker glossy paper than the specified thickness is easy to cause this problem.


To correct the feeding problem, add more paper to the paper tray. If the problem has not improved, check the following steps.

Step1. Check your paper

Refer to "User's Guide" in the Manuals section for information on the Brother machine's capacity for glossy paper. To get the best print quality, we suggest using Brother Premium Glossy Paper.

Step2. Verify that the paper is loaded correctly

  • The coated side of glossy paper is shiny. Avoid touching the shiny (coated) side. Load glossy paper with the shiny side facing down.

  • If you are using Brother Premium Glossy Paper, loading the Brother glossy paper with the instruction sheet (support sheet provided in the paper packaging) at the bottom of the stack also helps with this problem.

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Have you checked the manuals?

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