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FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I connect the printer via Bluetooth®?

  • If using a computer, make sure the Bluetooth function is available for the computer or mobile device before installing the printer driver for the printer.
  • For more information about the Bluetooth device operations, see the user's manual of the computer or mobile device, Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth management software, or the like.
  1. Set the interface switch to activate Bluetooth.
    Ex. MW-145MFi : Ex. MW-260MFi :
    Bluetooth connection Bluetooth connection
  2. Check that the Status indicator light is lit in blue.
    Ex. MW-145MFi : Ex. MW-260MFi :
    Status indicator light Status indicator light

    When Bluetooth is selected, you cannot use the IrDA (infrared) function. (MW-260MFi only)

  3. Run the Bluetooth connection software on the computer or mobile device.
  4. Search for Bluetooth devices using the Bluetooth connection software.
    "MW-145/260_xxxx" should be found.  "xxxx" is the last four digits of the printer serial number (PIN).
  5. Select this printer from the list of Bluetooth devices, and establish the connection.
    When connecting the computer or mobile device for the first time, you may also be requested to enter the PIN (or password).
  6. Enter the PIN (or password or passcode).
    (This is the last four digits of the printer serial number designated by factory settings.)

    The printer is registered as a connected device in the Bluetooth connection software.

  7. When a computer is used, select "serial port" as the connection method to the printer in the Bluetooth connection software.
    Depending on the Bluetooth device, you may be requested to enter the PIN each time you subsequently connect the device.

    Note the COM port number when it appears.
    (Depending on the type of the computer or mobile device, the COM port number may be required during printing.)


  • Wireless connections are used in a wide range of fields.
    Therefore, to prevent malfunctions, turn off Bluetooth in the following areas or locations:
    ・ Hospitals
    ・ Aircraft
    ・ Locations containing flammable substances, such as gasoline stations
    ・ Smoke detectors
  • Bluetooth connectivity varies greatly according to the operating environment.  If a good connection cannot be achieved, try connecting again.  Connections are difficult to achieve in the following locations:
     ・ Near electronic equipment
     ・ Near broadcasting stations or wireless base stations
     ・ Near a wireless LAN (IEEE802.11)
  • Equipment using Bluetooth technology may take a few seconds until the Bluetooth functionality can be used after it is turned on.
    The length of time differs depending on the equipment (a maximum of eight seconds with this printer).

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