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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I don't know which driver I'm using, a PCL driver or a BR-Script driver. How can I check?

Windows® Users

Your Brother printer is supplied with a PCL driver and also a BR-Script driver. The PCL driver is designed mainly for people who wish to print from office applications such as Word, Powerpoint etc. The BR-Script driver is designed for people who are using applications and wish to get the best possible color matching results.


Apple Macintosh® Users

Macintosh® users are only able to use the BR-Script3 printer driver. It is NOT possible to use a PCL driver.


To know which driver you are using, refer to the information below;

  1. Click the Start button; then select "Settings" followed by Printers. A screen displaying all the printers on your computer will be displayed.


  2. If one of the printers on your PC is labeled "Brother HL-2600CN Series" or "Brother HL-3450CN Series" then you are using the PCL driver.


  3. If one of the printers on your PC is labeled "Brother HL-2600CN BR-Script3" or "Brother HL-3450CN BR-Script3" then you are using the BR-Script driver.

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