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FAQs & Troubleshooting

How to use the Add-In function in Microsoft applications (P-touch Editor 5.x for Windows)

For TD-4T/TJ-4T series:
To use P-touch Editor, download and install “Printer Driver for P-touch Editor” from the [Downloads] section of this website.


You can create and print labels quickly and easily by highlighting (selecting) the text/data and clicking the P-touch Add-In icon Image in Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook.


> Setting the Add-In function using the Add-Ins Utility

> Recording the text/data in the Label List

Setting the Add-In function using the Add-Ins utility

Make sure that the applications you want to change the settings for are not running before changing the settings.

  1. Click [Start] - ([All Programs] or [Programs]) - [Brother P-touch] - ([P-touch Tools]) - [P-touch Editor 5.x Add-Ins Utility].

  2. The Brother P-touch Add-In Settings dialog box appears.
    Check the "Add" checkboxes for the applications that you want to use the P-touch Add-Ins with.
    P-touch Add-In Settings

  3. Select the P-touch Editor mode from the "Apply" list for each application.
    To import the text/data into a label, select [Express Mode] or [Professional Mode].
    To print directly from the application, select [Print Immediately].
    P-touch Add-In Settings

    When selecting [Print Immediately], the default or the last used layout style for currently installed label/tape size will be applied to the text/data you highlight.

  4. Click [OK] to close the dialog box.

  5. Open the Microsoft application and highlight the text or data you want to pirnt, and then click the P-touch Add-In icon Image.

    The Add-In icon may not appear in Microsoft Word when you open Microsoft Outlook first.
    If Outlook is running, close both Word and Outlook, reopen Word and then check if the Add-In icon appears.


Recording the text/data in the Label List

  1. Select [Tools] - [Options...] in the P-touch Editor edit screen.
  2. Click the [Label List] tab. Check the "Automatically Record Data Imported With Add-In" checkbox, and then click [OK].

    Now, the highlighted text/data in the Microsoft application will be recorded in the Label List just by clicking the P-touch Add-In icon Image.

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