The latest printer driver was successfully installed, but the driver did not update correctly.

To fix this issue, you should remove the device first. Follow the steps below to remove the device, and then reinstall the latest printer driver.


Read "Brother XXXX" in the following steps as your model name.


  1. Confirm that the printer is turned off.

  2. Open the printer folder. (To learn how to open the printer folder, see “How to open the Devices and Printers window.”)

  3. Select [Brother XXXX] and click [Remove device], or right-click the icon and click [Remove device].

    Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 only:
    Select [Brother XXXX] and click [Delete this printer], or right-click the icon and click [Delete].

  4. If a User Account Control message appears, type in the password, and then click [Yes].

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