Installing a CA certificate

You can install a CA certificate into your printer by either one of the following methods.


Using EWS (Embeded Web Server)
Using the Printer Setting Tool (Communication Settings)


Installing a CA certificate using EWS (Embedded Web Server)


  1. Make sure the printer and your computer are connected via Wi-Fi®.
  2. Start your web browser.
  3. Type "http://machine's IP address/" in the browser's address bar (where "machine's IP address" is the machine's IP address).
  4. Enter the password, and then press Right arrow button (Right arrow button).

    The default login password to manage printer settings is one of the following:

    No. Password
    1 -
    2 initpass
    3 The password preceded by "Pwd" and located either on the bottom of the printer or in the battery or media compartment.


    For more information, see [IMPORTANT – Network Security Notice: Default Login Password Change] or [User's Guide] on the [Manuals] page.

  5. Click Network.
  6. Click Security.
  7. Click CA Certificate.
    Embedded Web Server
  8. Click Import CA Certificate.
  9. Select the CA certificate you want to install and import.

    Setting a password:
     We recommend changing a login password to prevent unauthorized access to EWS.

    1. Click Administrator.
    2. Type the password you want to use (up to 32 characters).
    3. Re-type the password in the Confirm new password box.
    4. Click Submit.
      The next time you access EWS, enter a password in the Login box, and then click .
      After configuring the settings, logout by clicking .

    You can also set a password by clicking Please configure the password. on the printer’s web page if you are not setting a login password.


Installing a CA certificate using the Printer Setting Tool (Communication Settings)

For PJ-773 users:
When you install a CA certificate using the Printer Setting Tool (Communication Settings), you need to update the firmware and the Printer Setting Tool to the latest version.

  1. Make sure the printer and your computer are connected via USB.
  2. Start the Printer Setting Tool.
  3. Start Communication Settings.
  4. Click File -> Install Certificates.
    Printer Setting Tool
  5. Follow the instruction on the screen.

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