How to connect to a DC power outlet (optional)

Connect the printer to your vehicle’s 12 V DC power outlet (cigarette lighter or similar) to power the printer or charge the rechargeable Li-ion battery using the vehicle’s DC power.

  1. Connect the car adapter to the vehicle’s 12 V DC power outlet.
  2. Connect the car adapter to the printer.


Car adapter 1 Car adapter



  • The car adapter is an optional accessory.
  • The voltage supplied by a vehicle may fluctuate, and printing speed may vary.
  • The maximum voltage is 12 V DC.
  • The car adapter plug is not compatible with other outlets that are not the 12 V cigarette type.
  • When the car adapter is connected to charge the rechargeable Li-ion battery, the amount of voltage required to fully charge the battery may not be supplied by the DC power socket.
    If 9 hours have passed since charging started, the STATUS indicator turns off and charging stops even if the rechargeable Li-ion battery has not been fully charged.

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