Which options should I select in the Device Settings when I use the optional Roll Printer Case?

You have three available Device Settings options when you install the Roll Printer Case:

If you keep a roll in the Roll Printer Case for a long time, the roll may become creased. If you remove the anti-curl shaft, creasing can be avoided. However, the anti-curl shaft function will not work until the shaft is replaced. For more information, see the instructions included with the Roll Printer Case.

  Options in the Device Settings
(Without Anti-curl)
(Short Feed)
Use Roll Printer Case
(After printing, eject extra paper to allow for the case)
Check mark Check mark Check mark
Use Anti-curl Shaft
(Anti-curl function is effective)
Check mark - *1 Check mark
Operation when pressing the Feed button A4 / Letter Length 110mm
(Eliminate residual creasing from anti-curl shaft)

*1: If the anti-curl shaft is removed, the anti-curl function is not effective.


The same settings can be controlled from the printer driver. The option name in the printer driver is different than the one displayed in Device Settings. See the table below for the difference. The printer driver settings take priority over the settings in Device Settings.

Options in the Device Settings
(Printer Setting Tool)
(Without Anti-curl)
(Short Feed)
Options in the Printer Driver PA-RC-001 PA-RC-001
(Without Anti-curl)
- Printer Default
(Uses the settings in Device Settings instead)


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