What is the JPEG printing and how can I use it?

When using an IrDA connection or a Bluetooth® connection (PJ-662/663 only), image data (JPEG) can be printed without using the printer driver.
  • Only JPEG images can be printed. (Limited to files with the .jpg extension.)
  • The maximum file size is 5 MB.
  • The maximum resolutions are as follows:
    300 dpi: Height × Width = 3300 × 2400 dots
    200 dpi: Height × Width = 2200 × 1600 dots
    If these limits are exceeded, the data received by the printer will be discarded and not printed.
  • Print is at 1 pixel = 1 dot.
  • This printer performs binary processing (simple binary) to print the image.
  • Printing begins in the upper-left corner of the paper
  • The image is printed with the height-to-width proportion of the received data.
  • The IrOBEX protocol is used for printing via an IrDA connection.

  • The Bluetooth Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) is used for printing via a Bluetooth connection.

  • This printer will convert a color JPEG image to a ‘Black & White’ image using a dithering process.

  • When sending a JPEG image that is already "Black & White" this dithering process may make your printed image fuzzy.

  • To improve the image quality, try to turn off any preprocessing of the JPEG image.

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