How to install the rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Optional)

Installing the rechargeable Li-ion battery


  1. Open the battery cover by pressing the cover latch.
    battery cover 1. Battery cover
    2. Cover latch


  2. Swing the cover open and remove it.
  3. Move the slide switches on the rechargeable Li-ion battery inward, and then insert the battery into the battery compartment.
    Slide switches 3. Slide switches

    When installing the rechargeable Li-ion battery, insert the battery removal ribbon into the battery compartment, and then install the battery. The battery removal ribbon is not needed when removing the rechargeable Li-ion battery.

  4. Move the slide switches outward to lock the battery in place.
    • The voltage supplied by the rechargeable Li-ion battery fluctuates. The printing speed may also fluctuate depending on the voltage.
    • When the rechargeable Li-ion battery is being used, the battery cover will not be needed. Keep it in a safe place so that it will not be lost.


Removing the rechargeable Li-ion battery

Move the slide switches on the rechargeable Li-ion battery inward, and then remove the battery from the printer.

slide switches 1. Slide switches

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