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I am using the Web browser to manually set the IP address of the NC-2200w. When I Submit the settings and select the "User Reset" option to activate the settings, the NC-2200w resets itself as normal. But when I print a configuration page, I see that the NC-2200w is not using the IP address I entered. Instead it's using a DHCP based address or an APIPA based address. Why is this happening?


By default the NC-2200w is configured to work in AUTO mode. If you manually specify an IP address, the NC-2200w will still be set to AUTO mode.
Because of this, when the NC-2200w resets itself, it still uses this AUTO setting and will ignore your manually assigned IP address. If you wish to manually configure an IP address, you must also change the "IP Config" method to "Static". This will force the NC-2200w to work in Static mode.

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