The paper does not feed.

Please check the following:

  • Make sure that the lid of the paper cassette is firmly folded along the Fold shown below.




  • Make sure that the paper cassette cover is securely closed.


    1. Close the paper cassette cover in direction 1.



    2. Slide the paper cassette cover in direction 2. If the paper cassette is correctly loaded, the paper type indication on the cassette can be seen through the paper check window, and the paper cassette cover will be locked.


  • The paper may be dirty. Pull out the first sheet from the back of the paper cassette, and then install the paper cassette again.




  • Clean the pick-up roller.



    1. Affix a piece of cellophane tape to the pick-up roller.
    2. Remove the cellophane tape from the pick-up roller.
    3. Rotate the pick-up and repeat the procedure to clean the entire surface of the roller.


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