FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Clean the Laser Scanner Windows

  1. Press and hold to turn off the machine.
  2. Press the front cover release button and pull open the front cover.
  3. Hold the drum unit's green handle. Pull the drum unit out of the machine until it stops.
  4. Turn the green lock lever (1) counterclockwise until it locks in the release position. Holding the green handles of the drum unit, lift the front of the drum unit and remove it from the machine.

    Hold the green handles of the drum unit when you carry it. DO NOT hold the sides of the drum unit.

  5. Wipe the four laser scanner windows (1) with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.
  6. Make sure the green lock lever (1) is in the release position, as shown in the illustration.
  7. Gently slide the drum unit into the machine until it stops at the green lock lever.
  8. Turn the green lock lever clockwise to the lock position.
  9. Using the green handle, push the drum unit back into the machine until it locks in place.
  10. Close the machine's front cover.
  11. Press to turn on the machine.

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