FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Send the Same Fax to More than One Recipient (Broadcasting)

Use the Broadcasting feature to send the same fax to multiple fax numbers at the same time.
  • The same broadcast can include Groups, Address Book numbers and up to 50 manually dialed numbers.
  • Address Book numbers must be stored in the machine’s memory before they can be used in a broadcast.
  • Group numbers must also be stored in the machine’s memory before they can be used in a broadcast. Group numbers include many stored Address Book numbers for easier dialing.

If you did not use any of the Address Book numbers for Groups, you can broadcast faxes to as many as 250 different numbers.

  1. Load your document.
  2. Press [Fax]>[Options]>[Broadcasting].
  3. Press [Add Number].
    You can add numbers to the broadcast in the following ways:
    • Press [Add Number] and enter a number using the LCD.

      Press [OK].

    • Press [Add from Address book]. Swipe up or down or press or to display the number you want to add to the broadcast. Select the check boxes of the broadcast. After you select all the numbers you want, press [OK].
    • Press [Search in Address book]. Press the name and press [OK]. Press the name, and then press the number you want to add.
  4. When finished, press [OK].
  5. Press [Fax Start]. After the broadcast is finished, the machine will print a broadcast report to let you know the results.
    • The machine’s available memory will vary depending on the types of jobs in the memory and the numbers used for broadcasting. If you broadcast to the maximum number available, you will not be able to use dual access and delayed fax.
    • If the [Out of Memory] message appears, press or [Quit] to stop the job. If more than one page has been scanned, press [Send Now] to send the portion that is in the machine's memory.

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