FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

My Brother machine feeds multiple sheets of paper at a time.

Check the following points to resolve the paper feed issue.

NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and may differ from your Brother machine.


STEP 1: Make sure the paper is loaded correctly in the paper tray.

  • Do not load the several different kinds of paper.
    You cannot load several kinds of paper in the paper tray simultaneously. Remove the different kinds of paper.
  • Ensure the paper do not adhere to each other.
    Remove all the paper from the tray and fan the stack of paper well, then put it back in the tray.

    Fan the paper


  • Ensure the papers do not lift at the back of the tray.
    When loading paper, be careful not to push the paper in too far. It may lift at the back of the tray and cause paper feed issues. Gently put the paper into the paper tray, and check the paper is flat in the tray as below.

    Ensure papers do not lift at back of tray


  • Do not add paper before the tray is empty.
    If you want to add more paper before the tray is empty, remove the paper from tray and combine it with the paper you are adding. Always fan the stack of paper well before loading it in the tray.


STEP 2: Make sure the Jam Clear Cover is closed correctly.

Close the Jam Clear Cover. Make sure the cover is closed completely


Close Jam Clear Cover



STEP 3: Make sure the Base Pad in the paper tray is not dirty.

If the machine has been feeding multiple pages when there are only a few sheets of paper left in the tray, clean the Base Pad (1) with a soft lint-free cloth moistened with water.
(For models with photo paper tray or photo bypass tray)
Also clean the Base Pad (2) for the photo paper tray with a soft lint-free cloth moistened with water.

After cleaning, wipe the pad with a dry, soft lint-free cloth to remove all moisture.


Clean Base Pad


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