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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How can I clean the inside of the machine?

Clean the inside of the machine as follows.


Do NOT use flammable substances or any type of spray to clean the inside or outside of the machine. Doing this may cause a fire or electrical shock.

Cleaning to prevent paper jams:


  • The fusing unit and the parts around it are hot! Never touch the shaded areas shown below.
  • Be careful not to inhale the toner.
  • When you clean parts inside the machine, use a clean, dry soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use Isopropyl alcohol.
  • If your clothes are smeared with toner, wipe off the toner with a dry cloth. Immediately wash your clothes in cold water to avoid stains.
  • Never touch the transfer roller because print quality may be adversely affected.


  1. Before you clean the inside of the machine, turn off the machine's power switch. Unplug the telephone line cord first, and then unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet. Open the back cover of the machine.


  1. Clean the registration roller and the paper pick-up roller with a dry soft, lint-free cloth to prevent paper jams.


    • Be careful you do not break the actuator while cleaning the registration roller and paper pick-up roller.
    • Make sure you do not put too much pressure on the registration roller and paper pick-up roller. This could damage them and cause poor print quality.
  1. Clean the transfer roller unit and the transfer roller guide with a dry soft, lint-free cloth to prevent paper jams.


  1. Clean the exit roller. This will help to prevent paper jams at the paper exit and dirt from appearing on your printouts.


  1. Close the back cover.

Cleaning the laser glass:


  1. Open the scanner unit.

  2. Open the inside cover.

  3. To release the lock, push the green belt cartridge lock levers that are on both sides inwards.

  4. Remove the OPC belt cartridge from the machine.

  5. Place the OPC belt cartridge on a flat surface and cover the shiny green OPC belt with a piece of paper to prevent exposing it to light.

    • Do not touch the OPC belt surface with your hands.
    • Do not expose the OPC belt cartridge to bright room light or sunlight (a light source of 74.3 footcandles or 800 lux) for more than two minutes to avoid damaging the belt.
  6. Open the front cover of the machine.

  7. Take all the toner cartridges out of the machine.

  8. Clean the surface of the laser unit with a dry soft, lint-free cloth.

  9. Open the laser glass cover.

  10. Clean the surface of the laser glass with a dry soft, lint-free cloth.

    Do not use volatile liquids such as thinner or benzene for cleaning the laser glass.

  11. Close the laser glass cover.

  12. Put all the toner cartridges and the OPC belt cartridge back in the machine. Do not try to push or lock the toner cartridge in. It must rest loosely in the cartridge guide rails.

  13. Close the front cover and the inside cover, and then close the scanner unit.

  14. Plug the machine's power cord back into the AC power outlet first, and then plug in the telephone line cord. Turn on the machine's power switch.

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