How can I improve poor print quality ?

Following methods may improve the print quality.


Clean the laser scanner window and the primary corona wire on the drum unit.


Examples of poor print quality:

Problems: Images:
Gray background
Toner specks
Lines across the page
White lines down the page


Clean the drum unit.
Dust, paper powder, glue, and so on may stick to the surface of the photosensitive drum (OPC) and cause black or white spots to appear on printed documents.


Examples of poor print quality:

Problems Images:
White Spots on black text and graphics
Black Spots


Paper Specification:
Make sure that you use paper that meets our specifications. A rough surfaced paper or thick print media can cause the problem.


Examples of poor print quality:

Problems: Images:
Hollow print
Black toner marks across the page


Media/Paper Type setting in the Printer Driver:
Make sure that you choose the appropriate media or paper type in the printer driver or in the MFC's Paper Type menu setting. To clear the problem of "Hollow print", choose "Thick paper" mode in the Paper Type menu setting.


Examples of poor print quality:

Problems Images:
Hollow print

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