What is the Label List? (P-touch Editor 4.2 for Windows)

The label list is a built-in database for storing information from previously created labels or for potentially new labels. The information in this database can be used to create/re-create labels. Other than labels created from the P-touch Add-Ins (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook), information can be added or deleted from Label List. However, the information cannot be imported into the Label List database and can only be exported in CSV format.

Click [File] - [Database] - [Label List] to see what you have in your Label List.


How to insert tha data form the Label List into the layout:

  1. If the Label List is not shown in the edit screen, select [File] - [Database] and check [Label List].
  2. Click anywhere in the data you want to insert into the layout, then select [Database] - [Merge Into Layout...].

  3. The "Merge Fields" dialog box will appear. Select "Merge Type" and "Database Fields That Can Be Merged", and then click "OK".

  4. The data will be inserted. You can adjust the character size, layout, etc. using the text properties.

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