Cutting with the Rotary Auto Blade [Video]

The rotary auto blade makes it possible to cut delicate and stretch fabrics without backing. The characteristics of the rotary auto blade make it suitable for cutting large patterns with few sharp angles.
We will show you how to retrieve the pattern for the Rotary Auto Blade onto the machine and cut it, and various types of cloth cut with the blade in a video.


* Video is streamed from YouTube.



  • To use the Rotary Auto Blade, the software on the cutting machine must be updated to Ver. 1.60 or later. If the version is older than 1.60, click here to go to the software download page.
  • To download the patterns, you must activate the pattern collection for the rotary auto blade In CanvasWorkspace (Web). For details, refer to ”Activating the Pattern Collection in CanvasWorkspace” section in Instruction Manual for Rotary Auto Blade Kit.
  • Patterns cannot be downloaded by using CanvasWorkspace (Windows/Mac).
    A pattern for the rotary auto blade includes parts to be cut with a seam allowance. Since the seam allowance setting can be set only from the machine, the pattern can be edited only from the machine. Patterns that can be edited only from the machine can be downloaded only by using CanvasWorkspace (Web).
  • You can check the recipe book in the video by clicking here, or you can also check it by downloading the ZIP file containing the patterns.
  • Rotary Auto Blade Kit is sold separately.
  • The product or components shown in this video may differ from the ones that you are using.
  • Video contents may change without prior notice.

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