Can an adhesive craft vinyl sheet be cut?


When Half Cut is set to ON, only the adhesive-backed sheet is cut, leaving the sheet backing (film) uncut.

For details on Half Cut, refer to Half Cut (Kiss Cut) Settings.



【 When adhesive craft vinyl sheets of 24" (610 mm) or less 】

Attach the material to the cutting mat.

When adhesive craft vinyl sheets of 12" (305 mm) to 24" (610 mm), purchase the optional 24" cutting mat.



【 When adhesive craft vinyl sheets larger than 24" (610 mm) 】

The optional roll feeder can be used instead of the cutting mat.

Included accessories may vary depending on the machine model.
Required accessories not included with the machine may be purchased separately.
To purchase accessories or for details on using them, contact the retailer where the machine was purchased or the nearest authorized service center.


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