SDX125e Titanium

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

List of Error Messages for CanvasWorkspace (ErrSxx / NoteSxx)

When the following error screen appears on your CanvasWorkspace(Web), perform the necessary operation.

Refer to the solution for each error code with clicking the error code in the following table.

Error Code is the number described at the end of the message on the error screen as below.

image (1) Error code


If you cannnot find the error code/message you were looking for,

  • When the message is displayed on the machine's LCD screen, click here.
  • When the "EXXXXX" or "NXXXXX" after the message is displayed on the computer screen, click here.
  • When the messages other than EXXXXX, NXXXXX, ErrSXX and NoteSXX displayed on the computer screen, click here.
Error Code Error Message
ErrS01 There are no shapes in cutting area.
ErrS02 Some shapes extend beyond the cutting area.oftware update failed.
ErrS03 Too many cutting lines. Please delete some shapes.
ErrS04 Too many shapes. Please delete some shapes..
ErrS06 Cannot execute this operation with an intersecting path.
ErrS07 Cannot execute this operation with an open or intersecting path.
ErrS08 Some shapes could not be converted.
ErrS09 The pattern could not be imported.
ErrS10 This image cannot be used.
ErrS12 A part of the line overlaps with other lines. Slightly move the line,
and then try this operation again.
ErrS23 Since the shape was larger than the mat, it was reduced in size
when imported.
ErrS24 Stopped importing because the size is extremely small.
Import the data again after changing the units or the scale.
ErrS25 This file contains over 600 parts. Reduce the number of parts to 600 or less in order to download the ScanNCut design file.
ErrS51 There is no scanned image data on ScanNCut. Scan and transfer
image from your ScanNCut machine.
ErrS52 You need to register a machine to use this feature.
ErrS90 Failed to connect to the server.
ErrS99 Unable to connect to server.
(Unexpected server error occurred.)


If you cannnot find the error code/message on this page, if you did not solve the problem with performing the necessary operation, contact Brother Customer Service.



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