How do I adjust thread tension for embroidering?


When embroidering, the thread tension should be set so that the upper thread can slightly be seen on the wrong side of the fabric.



Correct thread tension

The pattern can be seen from the wrong side of the fabric.
If the thread tension is not set correctly, the pattern will not finish well. The fabric may pucker or the thread may break.


img01 (1) Right side
(2) Wrong side

Follow the operations described below to adjust thread tension according to the situation.

  • If the thread tension setting is made extremely weak, the machine may stop during sewing. This is not the sign of a malfunction. Increase the thread tension slightly, and begin sewing again.
  • If you turn the main power to OFF or select a different pattern, the thread tension will reset to the automatic setting.
  • When you retrieve a saved pattern, the thread tension setting will be the same as when the pattern was saved.
  • If the upper thread is not threaded correctly or the bobbin is not installed correctly, it may not be possible to set the correct thread tension. If the correct thread tension cannot be achieved, rethread the upper thread and insert the bobbin correctly.





Upper thread is too tight

The tension of the upper thread is too tight, resulting in the bobbin thread being visible from the right side of the fabric.


img02 (1) Right side
(2) Wrong side
  • If the bobbin thread was incorrectly threaded, the upper thread may be too tight. In this case, refer to "How do I set the bobbin ?".



  1. Press img03 .


  2. Press img05 to weaken the upper thread tension. (The tension number will decrease.)


  3. Press img07 .





Upper thread is too loose

The tension of the upper thread is too loose, resulting in a loose upper thread, loose thread locks, or loops appearing on the right side of the fabric.


img08 (1) Right side
(2) Wrong side



  1. Press img09 .


  2. Press img11 to tighten the upper thread tension. (The tension number will increase.)


  3. Press img13 .





Adjusting overall upper thread tension

When embroidering, if the overall tension of the upper thread is too tight or too loose, adjust it from the setting screen.
The selected setting will be applied to all patterns.



  1. Press img14 (Settings key) to display the settings screen.

  2. Display the page with the  [ Embroidery Tension ] item by pressing img15 (Previous page key) or img16 (Next page key). 


  3. Adjust the thread tension for embroidery by useing img18 and img19 in the settings screen.
    img20 : Tighten the upper thread tension.
    img21 : Loosen the upper thread tension.

  4. Press img23 .

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