Innov-is XP2

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Tutorial videos on how to use the machine [Video instructions]

Tutorial videos for basic operations, various functions, accessories and maintenance.

Click on the image to play the video instructions.

  • The movies are being streamed from YouTube. (Opening new window.)
  • The movies are the same as those built into the product.
  • Video contents may change without prior notice.


1. Basic Operation

Basic Operation 01

Winding and setting the bobbin

Basic Operation 02

Threading the upper thread

Basic Operation 03

Changing the presser foot

Basic Operation 04

Replacing the needle

Basic Operation 05

Assembling the spool stand


2. Sewing

Sewing 01

Basic Sewing

Sewing 02

Using the pivot function

Sewing 03

Automatic fabric sensor system

Sewing 04

Operating the projector with the dual purpose stylus to select or edit a stitch pattern

Sewing 05

Projecting and setting the guideline marker for the sewing line with the projector

Sewing 06

Basting stitch

Sewing 07

End point setting function


3. Embroidery 1

Embroidery 01

Preparing the machine for embroidery and hooping the fabric in the embroidery frame

Embroidery 02

Basic steps for embroidering patterns

Embroidery 03

Projecting and checking the embroidery pattern onto the fabric with the projector

Embroidery 04

Aligning the embroidering position using the built-in camera and the embroidery positioning sticker

Embroidery 05

Aligning the embroidery position while displaying the fabric as a background image for the pattern

Embroidery 06

Aligning the embroidering position in the camera view window with the grid lines

Embroidery 07

Creating the stippling design around an embroidery pattern (Simple stippling operation)

Embroidery 08

Creating the echo quilting patterns around the embroidery pattern

Embroidery 09

Embroidering the quilting border patterns larger than the embroidery frame

Embroidery 10

Basic Instructions on how to embroider Anna Aldmon Quilt designs

Embroidery 11

Embroidering couching patterns

Embroidery 12

Auto-split quilt borders


4. Embroidery 2

Embroidery 13

Magnetic sash frame



The magnetic sash frame in the movie is the optional accessory to be purchased separately.

Embroidery 14

Two color quilting sash

Embroidery 15

Hexagon quilting sash


5. My Design Center

My Design Center 01

Attaching the scanning frame for My Design Center with scan

My Design Center 02

Creating a pattern from the line drawings with the line scan function

My Design Center 03

Creating a pattern from the color illustrations with the illustration scan function

My Design Center 04

Creating a quilt with the stippling pattern around the embroidery pattern


6. Settings

Settings 01

Operating the LCD screen and the projector with the dual purpose stylus

Settings 02

Specifying settings for the projector

Settings 03

Calibrating the camera needle position

Settings 04

Setting the machine to automatically raise and lower the presser foot

Settings 05

Specifying the wireless network connection settings


7. Accessory

Accessory 01

Attaching and using the dual feed foot

Accessory 02

Attaching and using the knee lifter

Accessory 03

Making buttonholes with the buttonhole foot A+


8. Maintenance

Maintenance 01

Cleaning the race

Maintenance 02

Upgrading the machine's software


9. App

App 01

My Stitch Monitor (Mobile App)

App 02

My Design Snap (Mobile App)


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