Innov-is VE2200

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

When tansferring an embroidery data from PE-DESIGN 11 to the embroidery machine connected to the computer with a USB cable, the message "Disk full while accessing [filename]." appears.

This is because the file size of the embroidery data you tried to transfer to the machine exceeds the maximum size of data that the machine can receive.

If your embroidery machine can be connected to a USB flash drive, use the USB flash drive to transfer the embroidery data.

  • In PE-DESIGN 11, the file size of the PES file tends to be larger than the previous version because the information stored in the embroidery data has increased due to functional enhancements.
  • When embroidery data created with an earlier version of PE-DESIGN is loaded into PE-DESIGN 11 and transferred to the embroidery machine via a USB cable connection, the data will be transferred in the data size of PE-DESIGN 11. If the embroidery data exceeds the maximum size of the machine's removable disk, PE-DESIGN 11 will not be able to transfer the data via a USB cable connection, even if the data could be transferred in previous versions of PE-DESIGN.


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