Innov-is VE2200

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I clean the race?

If dust or bits of dirt collect in the race or bobbin case, the machine will not run well, and the bobbin thread detection function may not operate. Keep the machine clean for best results.


  1. Press the "Needle Position" button to raise the needle.
  2. Turn the main power to OFF.
  3. Remove the needle and the presser foot holder.
  4. Remove the flat bed attachment or the embroidery unit if either is attached.
  5. Grasp both sides of the needle plate cover, and then slide it toward you.
    The needle plate cover is removed.

    1 Needle plate cover



    The needle plate cover is removed.
  6. Grasp the bobbin case, and then pull it out.
    Grasp the bobbin case, and then pull it out.

    1 Bobbin case



  7. Use the cleaning brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove any lint and dust from the race and its surrounding area.
    remove any lint and dust from the race 1 Cleaning brush

    2 Race

    3 Bobbin thread sensor



    Do not apply oil to the bobbin case.

  8. Insert the bobbin case so that the projection on the bobbin case aligns with the spring.
    Insert the bobbin case.

    1 Projection

    2 Spring



  9. Insert the tabs on the needle plate cover into the needle plate, and then slide the cover back on.
    slide the needle plate cover back on.


    • Never use a bobbin case that is scratched;
      otherwise, the upper thread may become tangled, the needle may break, or sewing performance may suffer.
      For a new bobbin case (with green marking, pink marking or no marking), contact your nearest authorized service center.
    • Be sure that the bobbin case is correctly installed.
      Otherwise, the needle may break.
    • If the needle plate has been removed it is especially important to reinstall the needle plate and tighten the screws prior to installing the bobbin case.



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