Innov-is NS80PRW

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Outline of viewing the LCD Screen

LCD Operation

When the machine is turned on, the LCD will light up and the following screen is displayed.

To change the displayed settings, use the operation keys and stitch pattern selection dial.







No. Display Item Name Explanation
(1) img02 Presser foot

Shows the symbol for the presser foot to be used. Before sewing, attach one of the presser feet shown here.

img03 Zigzag foot "J" img04 Buttonhole foot "A"
img05 Monogramming foot "N" img06 Blind stitch foot "R"
img07 Overcasting foot "G"

* The symbols for certain presser feet, such as zipper foot "I" and the quilting foot, may not appear in the screen.

(2) Stitch number Shows the number of the currently selected stitch pattern.
(3) img08 Needle position setting

Shows whether the needle is in the programmed raised or lowered position. In addition, shows whether the single needle mode or twin needle mode is selected.

img09 : Single needle/down position img10 : Twin needle/down position
img11 : Single needle/up position img12 : Twin needle/up position
(4) img13 Stitch length

Shows the stitch length of the currently selected stitch pattern.

When img14 is displayed around img15, the stitch length is set to the default value.

(5) img16 Stitch width

Shows the stitch width of the currently selected stitch pattern.

When img17 is displayed around img18, the stitch width is set to the default value.

(6) img19 Automatic reverse/
reinforcement stitching
Shows that the automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching is currently turned on.


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