Fabrics and stabilizer material for embroidery

Fabrics and stabilizer material for embroidery


Fabric Stabilizer material Reference
Type Material Top surface of fabric Underside of fabric

Medium weight fabrics Shirt/Apron


Not required.

Attach a stabilizer by ironing.  

Thick fabrics


Not required.

Attach a stabilizer by ironing.

It's better to place a stabilizer material on the top surface of fabric when you sew quilting.

Thin fabrics


Place a stabilizer on.

Attach a stabilizer by ironing.

Temperature of iron should be "low".

Stretch fabrics


Place a stabilizer on.

Attach a stabilizer by ironing.  

Towel cloth Towel


Place a stabilizer on.

Place a stabilizer material under a fabric without attaching it and then hoop the fabric and the stabilizer together.

If you attach stabilizer material to towels etc. by ironing, loops of the fabric might be expanded when removing the stabilizer.


  • Even though "Not required" is mentioned in the above list, use a stabilizer material for more attractive embroidery result if necessary.

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