Tips for sewing thick fabrics

If the fabric does not fit under the presser foot

The presser foot lever can be raised to two different positions. If the fabric does not fit under the presser foot, for example, when sewing together thick fabrics, raise the presser foot lever to its highest position so that the fabric can be placed under the presser foot.



If the fabric does not feed

When sewing thick fabric such as denim or quilting, the fabric may not feed at the start of sewing if the presser foot is not level, as shown below. In this case, use the presser foot locking pin (black button on the left side) of zigzag foot "J" so that the presser foot remains level while sewing, allowing the fabric to be fed smoothly.


(1) Sewing direction

(2) Misalignment


  1. Raise the presser foot lever.

  2. Align the beginning of stitching, and then position the fabric.

  3. While holding zigzag foot "J" level, push in and hold the presser foot locking pin (black button on the left side), and lower the presser foot lever.

    (1) Presser foot locking pin (black button)

  4. Release the presser foot locking pin (black button).
    >> The presser foot remains level, allowing the fabric to be fed.

    >> After the seam is sewn, the presser foot will return to its original angle.

    If the presser foot misalignment is too large, place thick paper or fabric (with the same thickness as the fabric being sewn) under the heel of the presser foot to be able to start sewing smoothly.


    (1) Fabric being sewn

    (2) Fabric or thick paper

    If fabric more than 6 mm (15/64 inch) thick is sewn or if the fabric is pushed with too much force, the needle may bend or break.

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