What is the Difference between "Pen Holder", "Universal Pen Holder" and "Small Barrel Pan Holder"?

These pen holders are sold separately.
There are countries where some accessories have not been released. To purchase accessories or for details on using them, contact the retailer where the machine was purchased or the nearest authorized service center.




Pen holder (CAPENHL1) with Color Pen Set (CAPEN1) or Erasable Pen Set (CAPEN2).

This pen holder can be used with setting the color pen (CAPEN1) or the erasable pen (CAPEN2) for the Brother cutting machine.


  • Color Pen Set (CAPEN1)
    Six craft color pens with permanent ink, for drawing and tracing on paper.

  • Erasable Pen Set (CAPEN2)
    For use on fabric.
    The ink in the blue pen can be erased by water, and the ink in the purple pen is designed to disappear within 2 - 14 days of application.


Universal Pen Holder (CAUNIPHL1) and Small Barrel Pen Holder (CAUNIPHL2)


These pen holders are for drawing with the Brother cutting machine using many pens you have available.

The difference between these pens is the thickness of the installed pen.


  • Pen that can be installed
    -  Diameter* (*(1) and (2)  in the lower figure)
       Universal pen holder (CAUNIPHL1) : 9.6 mm  - 11.4 mm
       Small barrel pen holder (CAUNIPHL2): 7.8 mm - 9.6 mm
    -  Length more than 70 mm


  • Recommended pen
    -   Felt-tip pen
    -   Pen with the cylindrical shape

  • Pen that cannot be installed
    -   There is an uneven parts in the (1) (22 mm to 27 mm from the tip) or  (2) (65 mm to 70 mm from the tip) of the above figure.
    -   The thickness between above figure (1) (22 mm to 27 mm from the tip) is different.
    -   The thickness between above figure (2) (65 mm to 70 mm from the tip) is different.
         * Areas (1) and (2) do not need to have the same thickness.
    -   Crayons, Pencils or Fountain pens

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