"This pattern cannot be used." appears on the LCD display screen.

When selecting the Disney pattern

When selecting the Calligraphy pattern


When selecting the Disney pattern


  • Cause / Solution 1

    If the machine’s software is old, Disney pattern may not be read.
    Update the machine’s software to the latest version. Click here to go to the software download page.

  • Cause / Solution 2

    Disney pattern you selected is not available for your machine.
    Disney patterns can only register one cutting machine per activation code.
    The machine you tried to read the Disney pattern is different from the machine that was selected when you activated the Disney content with CanvasWorkspace. (Machine number does not match)
    Read the Disney pattern with the machine that was selected when you activated its content.

    The cutting machine selected when the “Pattern collection” such as the Disney pattern was activated can be changed to other cutting machines up to two times. For details, refer to How To Change the Registered Machine Number That Imports The Optional Pattern Collection (Ex. Disney Pattern and Calligraphy Pattern/Font).
  • Disney pattern collection is sold separately.
  • With the latest version of the machine’s software, it is possible to enlarge / reduce the Disney pattern.
  • Also, scaling the data is available with this new pattern format. Update the software and download the pattern again.



When selecting the Calligraphy pattern


  • Cause / Solution

    Your cutting machine is not compatible with Calligraphy.
    The Calligraphy is only available with SDX series.

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