"Not enough space on the mat. Check pattern size, space on the mat, Cut Area (setting) or Pattern Interval (setting)." message appearing on the LCD. What does it mean?

Perform one of the following to arrange the patterns.


  • You may be able to add a pattern by aligning the arranged patterns without wasting the space using the " Auto Layout" function.
    For details on the auto layout function, see Auto Layout Function.

  • Check the Cut Area. Adjust the cut area so that the patterns are fitted with dragging the Area resizing keys from the Cut Area of the Setting screen.
    The screen returns to the original when pressing [OK] on the error screen.
    Press image on the operation panel and then select the Cut Area menu.
    Adjust the cut area with dragging the Area resizing keys.

    image image image

  • Resize a pattern in the arrangement.

  • Delete a pattern already arranged in the pattern layout screen.



Perform the necessary operation according to the instructions or the solution described.
If the problem persists, contact the Brother customer service.


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