"Cannot operate when there are too many patterns." message appearing on the LCD. What does it mean?

The message appears under the following conditions.

 Cause Solution 
In “Direct Cut” mode, more than the maximum number of patterns have been detected for the cutting pattern.  Reduce the number of patterns being used.*
In “Scan to Cut Data” mode, more than the maximum number of patterns are being saved as cutting data.
There are too many cutting lines to be created after large number of small patterns are scanned. Scan images again after reducing the number of patterns arranged in the original.
There are too many light tone patterns to be converted to two-tone (black and white) patterns while the image detection level is being adjusted.


* Depending on the machine model, the maximum number of patterns will differ. Check the Maximum Pattern Number under Machine Information in the settings screen. For details, Settings for Specific Functions.



Perform the necessary operation according to the instructions or the solution described.
If the problem persists, contact the Brother customer service.


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