Loading and Unloading the Mat

The cutting mats used by this machine have been redeveloped with a different design, type, function, etc.
For details, refer to Important information about Mat.




Loading the Mat


  1. Attach the material that will be cut to the mat.

    For details on attaching material to the mat, see Mat and Material Combinations.


  2. While holding the mat level and lightly inserting it into the feed slot, press img in the operation panel.

    Lightly insert the mat so that it aligns with the guides on the left and right sides of the feed slot and is tucked under the feed rollers.

    img (1) Guides
    (2) Feed rollers
    >> The mat is fed in to complete the preparations for cutting.


Unloading the Mat


  1. Press img in the operation panel to feed out the mat.

  2. Peel off the material from an area that is easily removable, such as a corner, and then slowly peel while maintaining an even pressure.


  3. Holding the mat with your hand, use the included spatula to carefully peel off the cutout patterns.
    img (1) Spatula

    For instructions on how to peel off the material, see How to attach the material to the mat.

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