Adjusting the Blade Extension

The appropriate blade extension differs depending on the material type and thickness. Before installing the holder in the carriage, turn the holder cap to adjust the blade extension, and then perform trial cutting.


Appropriate Blade Extension


Adjust the blade extension to slightly exceed the thickness of the material that will be cut. Use the markings on the holder to make the adjustment.

img (1) End of holder cap
(2) Material that will be cut
(3) Length of blade tip

Be careful that the blade does not extend too much. If there is too much of a blade extension, the material may not be cut cleanly and the mat will deteriorate quicker.

----- Cutting Settings -----


Use the following table to select the appropriate settings according to the material that will be cut.

Material Type


Scale Setting

Pressure Setting

Lightweight paper




Heavy weight paper




Lightweight fabric
(cotton fabric)




Heavy weight fabric
(1-mm-thick felt)




  • Adjust the setting for “Cut Pressure” in the settings screen. For details, see “Settings for Specific Functions”.
  • Use a support sheet or contact sheet when you cut a piece of fabric out. For details, see “Mat and Cutting Blade Combinations”.
  • The settings indicated in the table are approximations. The setting will differ depending on the type and thickness of the material to be cut. Be sure to perform a trial cutting first.
Adjusting the Cutting Blade


  1. With the reference line on the holder facing toward you, fully turn the cap to the right to extend the blade tip to its maximum.
    img (1) Reference line
    (2) Extend the blade tip to its maximum.
  2. Check the thickness of the material, and then adjust the blade extension. See “Appropriate Blade Extension
    img (1) Turn to the left to decrease the blade extension.
    (2) Turn to the right to increase the blade extension.


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