Threading the lower looper

Run the thread in the sequence illustrated, following the blue color and the numbers next to each threading point.




  1. Open the front cover by sliding to the right and guiding the top toward you.


  2. Pull the thread off the spool and directly up through the thread holder and the thread
    plate on the thread tree from back to front.



  3. Pass the thread thourgh the hole on the top of machine.

    Pass the thread through the tension disc which is in the channel next to the blue tension adjustment dial.



  4. Guide the thread down the channel and pass the thread through the threading points next to the blue color marks following the numerical order in the accompanying illustration.


    Make sure to thread both of the thread take ups .

  5. Slide the lower looper threading lever <A> to the right.

    The lower looper <B> moves to the position illustrated as below.




    • Slide the threading lever only in the directions shown by the arrow. Forcefully moving the threading lever in any other direction may damage it.
    • Before sliding the lower looper threading lever, make sure the needle is at its highest position.


  6. Pass the thread as illustrated.



  7. Pass the thread through the eye of the lower looper.


  8. Slowly turn the hand wheel, and make sure the returns to the original position.




    • If the lower looper thread breaks during sewing, cut and remove thread from both of the needles.
    • Before re-threading the lower looper, make sure that the lower looper re-threading is done exactly as diagrammed.
      The machine will not operate properly if the threading is not done in the proper sequence.



    Thread the needles after the lower looper and upper looper have been threaded.


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