There is looseness in the mounting jig when the fabric is placed in the cap frame/cylinder frame.

If there is looseness, follow the procedure described below to place the enclosed pad between the clamping pad of the thumb screw and the mounting surface.

  1. Position the mounting bracket onto the mounting surface (worktable, desk, etc.).
    Place the pad between the clamping pad of the thumb screw and the mounting surface (worktable, desk, etc.), and then firmly tighten the thumb screw.

     1 Mounting bracket

     2 Mounting surface (worktable, desk, etc.)

     3 Pad

     4 Thumb screw


    When using an object other than the enclosed pad, use the following types of material.

    Non-slip sheet
    Rubber pad Non-slip sheet


  2. Check that there is no looseness. If the mounting jig is still loose, remove it, and then install it again.
    • Be sure that the mounting bracket is securely clamped onto the mounting surface and that the thumb screw is firmly tightened.
    • Do not attach the mounting jig to an unstable surface (flexible, bent or warped).
    • Be careful that the mounting jig does not fall when it is removed.

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