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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I send a fax to multiple fax numbers? (Broadcasting)

Broadcasting is a feature of your Brother machine that allows you to automatically send the same fax message to multiple fax numbers. You can include Groups, One Touch locations, Speed Dial locations, and up to 50 manually dialed numbers in a single broadcast.

To broadcast a fax, please follow these instructions:

  1. Place the document you will be faxing in the Automatic Document Feeder(ADF).

    *If your Brother machine has flat bed scanner glass (glass platen), you can also place the document you will be faxing on the flat bed scanner glass (glass platen) instead of the ADF.

  2. You can add numbers to the broadcast in the following ways:

    1. Adding manually dialed numbers using the dial pad:
      Enter a fax number using the dial pad. (Be sure to include the area code if needed)
    2. Adding One Touch Dial locations:
      Press the One Touch key that stores the number you want to call.
    Please check the number of One Touch keys located on the left side of the control panel on your Brother machine.

    • If the number of One Touch keys is 4:
      To access number 5 to 8, hold down Shift as you press the One Touch key.
    • If the number is 8:
      To access number 9 to 16, hold down Shift as you press the One Touch key.
    • If the number is 16:
      To access number 17 to 32, hold down Shift as you press the One Touch key.
    1. Adding Speed Dial locations:
      Press Search/Speed Dial, and then press #(Pound Sign) then the Speed Dial number.

  3. Press Broadcast.

    *If your Brother machine doesn't have the Broadcast key, press Set.

  4. Repeat STEP 2 & 3 until all fax numbers are entered into the unit.

  5. Press Fax/Start.

Your Brother machine will scan the document you are sending into the memory of the Brother machine and then begin sending the information to each fax number you have entered into the unit.

When your Brother machine has completed dialing all the fax numbers you have entered, a Broadcast Report will print automatically. This report will show each number that was dialed, the date, time duration of the transmission, the number of pages sent and if it was successful.

  • To stop a Broadcast in progress, press Stop/Exit. The LCD will ask if you want to cancel all locations or only the location that is being sent. Follow the prompts displayed on the LCD.

  • If the line is busy or for other reasons the connection could not be made while broadcasting, the Brother machine will redial the number automatically.

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