How to use Excel data to print labels (P-touch Editor 5.x for Windows)

Sample label Sample label

Please follow the instructions below:


  1. Preparing the database


    Use the file "Parts.xls" in the folder at Program Files "C:\Program Files\Brother\Ptedit5x\Samples" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Brother\Ptedit5x\Samples".
    Sample Excel file

  2. Specifying the size of the label

    In the Paper palette, specify the tape length and width.
    Paper palette

  3. Connecting the database


    1. Click [File] - [Database] - [Connect...].

      <Using Professional mode as an example. You can edit on Express mode as well.>
      P-touch Editor

    2. Select the prepared Excel file. Check "Header Row Contains Field Names" and "Connect as read-only", and then click the [Next] button.
      Open Database

    3. The database appears.
      P-touch Editor

      If the file being used contains multiple sheets, the Select Database Table dialog box appears. Select the sheet that you want to use.

  4. Merging data into a layout as text


    1. Specify the font that will be used in the layout:
      • In the Font box on the Text Properties, specify the font (e.g. "Arial").
      • In the Font Size edit box on the Text Properties, specify the font size (e.g. "14").
      • The font and size can also be changed after text is pasted into the layout.

    2. Click the field name "Part Name" and drag the field name into the layout window. The dialog box appears. Select "Text".
      P-touch Editor

      P-touch Editor

    3. In the same way, merge the field name "Model Name".
      P-touch Editor

  5. Merging data into the layout as a bar code


    1. Click the field name "Part Code" and drag it into the layout window. The dialog box appears. Select "Bar Code".
      P-touch Editor

      P-touch Editor

    2. Double-click the merged bar code data.

    3. Click the [Setup] tab in the Bar Code Properties dialog box. To adjust width,, select "Small" for "Width". To adjust alignment, select "Center" for "Show Characters". After specifying the desired settings, click the [OK] button.
      Bar Code Properties

    Depending on the selected barcode protocol, the data may not be displayed.
    ("Invalid" or "Incorrect check digit" appears.)
    If the barcode cannot be displayed, any of the following may be the cause :

    • The data that cannot be used with the barcode is included.
    • The data does not include the specified number of digits.
    • The check digit calculation is incorrect.
    Check the data or change the barcode protocol. e.g. "CODE39" or "CODE128" can be used.

  6. Aligning the objects


    1. Click [Edit] - [Select All] to select all of the objects.
      P-touch Editor

    2. In the Layout palette, click the "Align Horizontal Center" button. All objects will be aligned along their horizontal centers.
      Layout palette

    3. You can also align all objects vertically along the label width with the "Align Vertically Center" button.
      Layout palette

      P-touch Editor

  7. Printing


    1. Click Print setting button in the Print palette.
      Print palette

    2. The Print dialog box appears. Select "All Records" for "Print Range". After specifying the desired settings, click the [Print] button.

    For details on selecting a record range, refer to the following table.

    Print Range Records to be printed
    All Records Print all records.
    Current Record Print the current record.
    Marked Record(s) Print only the marked records.
    Record Range Print records in the range specified by "From" and "To".

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