Cannot find the scanner (Error Code 2019: Initialization Failed)

  1. Check the following:
    • Make sure the scanner is connected to your PC with a USB cable that is supplied with your scanner.
    • Make sure the scanner is turned on. If the scanner isn't turned on even by pressing Power, connect the USB Cable to the scanner and your computer to charge the battery.
    • Make sure PC is displayed on the machine's display (LCD).
      If PC isn't displayed by pressing OK, connect the scanner to your computer with the USB cable, insert the SD card into the scanner and slide the Wi-fi® switch of your machine to OFF. Press OK. PC will be displayed on the LCD.
    • Make sure you wait at least 10 seconds before using scan applications, after the scanner was turned to PC mode.
    • Disconnect the USB cable from the scanner and connect it to the scanner again.
    • Connect the USB cable to other working USB ports.
    • Make sure you log in to your PC and install drivers and software with administrator rights.
    • Make sure you log in to your PC and scan documents with administrator rights.
    • (macOS 10.13 or later)
      • Check the blocked developers list.
        1. Reboot the Mac.
        2. Within 30 minutes, Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.
        3. If blocked developer message with "Brother Industries, LTD" or "avision" appear, click Allow. If you allowed once, the blocked developers list dose not appear.
      • Make sure you select "DSmobileCapture" in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. Click Click the lock to make changes. When prompted, enter your admin password to unlock Security & Privacy preferences. If "DSmobileCapture" does not appear on the list, click +, and then select the DSmobileCapture file from the Desktop.
  2. If you still cannot find the scanner, follow the steps applicable for your Operating System.
    1. Click here to uninstall the Scanner Driver.
    2. Click here to uninstall the Button Manager.
    3. Reinstall the Scanner Driver and Button Manager by clicking the following links.
    1. Click here to uninstall the Scanner Driver.
    2. Click here to reinstall the Scanner Driver.

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