Printing from a computer via a wireless network

To print from a computer via a wireless network, follow the steps below.


  1. Installing the printer driver and software
  2. Connecting using Wi-Fi®
  3. Printing from a computer


  1. Installing the printer driver and software

    To print from your Windows computer or Mac (PT-D800W/E800W only), install the printer driver (not provided for macOS 11 or later), P-touch Editor and other applications.

    Do not connect the printer to the computer until asked to do so.

    1. Visit the [Downloads] section of this web site and download the installer for the software and manuals.
    2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.
      • Make sure you are logged on with administrator rights.
      • To download each software separately, visit the [Downloads] section of this web site.
      • To connect the printer to a computer using a wireless connection, we recommend the following:
        • Configure the wireless network settings while installing the software.  For more information, see “How do I connect my printer via Wi-Fi®?”.
        • Install the software on a computer wirelessly connected to your network and configuring the printer using a USB cable.
        • Get the SSID (network name) and password (network key) of the wireless network in advance.
    3. Close the dialog box when the installation is complete.
  2. Connecting using Wi-Fi®

    You can connect your printer to your computer using Infrastructure mode, Wireless Direct and Ad-hoc mode.

    For details on connecting methods, see “How do I connect my printer via Wi-Fi®?”.

    Not all computers, mobile devices, and operating systems, may support Ad-hoc mode.


    <Turning the Wireless Function On or Off>
    To turn the wireless function on or off, press the Wi-Fi button (Wi-Fi) button.

    1. Press the Wi-Fi button (Wi-Fi) button.  The wireless function is now on.
    2. Press the Wi-Fi button (Wi-Fi) button again to turn the wireless function off.
      • If [Off] is selected in the [Direct Mode On/Off] and [Infrastructure Mode On/Off] screen, the wireless function will remain off even if you press the Wi-Fi button (Wi-Fi) button.
      • When the wireless function is on, the Li-ion battery power will decrease quickly.  To change the power source, connect the AC adapter.
  3. Printing from a computer

    To use the printer effectively, a number of applications and functions are available.
    For information on available applications, see “What kind of software is available for this printer?”.


    There are various methods for printing with this printer.
    The following describes the procedure for printing from a computer using P-touch Editor or Cable Label Tool (for Windows only).

    1. Start P-touch Editor or Cable Label Tool, and then open the document you want to print.
    2. Create a label (or tube) design.
    3. Check the cutting options.
    4. Select [File] then [Print] from the menu bar or by clicking the [Print] icon.

    Click the links below to see more detailed information:

    On Cable Label Tool, see “Using Cable Label Tool”.
    On P-touch Editor, see “What is P-touch Editor?”.
    On the cut options, see “What options are available for label / tube feeding and cutting?”.

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