What type of cut files and projects containing cut data other than built-in patterns are available?


Various patterns other than built-in patterns are available.

To download patterns, install CanvasWorkspace application (Ver.2.0.0 or later) or
access CanvasWorkspace (Web) <https://canvasworkspace.brother.com>
If you use a mobile device, use CanvasWorkspace (Web).
The CanvasWorkspace application can be downloaded from here.

An Internet connection is required in order to download patterns.

Sample patterns available:

image image image



This FAQ describes the procedure for downloading a pattern from CanvasWorkspace application.




  1. Startup CanvasWorkspace.

  2. Click image.

    If imageisn't in the menu, the CanvasWorkspace installed on your computer may be old version.
    Update to the latest version if the version is earlier than 2.0.0.
    Click here to go to the download page of the CanvasWorkspace.

  3. From the list of available projects, select the project that you wish to make.


  4. Click each pattern used in the project to select it, and then arrange the patterns in the drawing area of the CanvasWorkspace.

  5. Check the data, transfer it to the cutting machine, and then cut the material.
    For details, refer to Instructions for sending patterns created in CanvasWorkspace to the cutting machine for cutting or drawing.



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