Troubleshooting about the Mat

This FAQ is a list of questions or problems about the mat. Check the problem and perform the necessary operation according to each solution. Refer to the detailed solution page with clicking the link in the following table.


Question / Problem Solution
About the mat and the material Attaching the Material / Peeling Off the Material.

Mat, Cutting Blade and Material Combinations.
Reference information about an appropriate mat, blade or support sheet for the material.

Loading or Unloading the Mat

The mat cannot be inserted.
The mat is fed in at an angle.
Loading and Unloading the Mat [Video].
Care and Maintenance (Cleaning Inside the Machine).
The machine may not be loaded or unloaded the mat if the inside of the machine is dirty.
The mat cannot be recognized The mat cannot be recognized.
Care and Maintenance (Cleaning the Scanner Glass).
The mat may not be recognized if it is dirty.

Cut through the mat

The material to be cut is not cleanly cut.
Decrease the cutting pressure if there are deep cuts completely through the mat or cut through the mat.

The material slips on the mat. The material slips on the mat when a thick or hard material such as chipboard and grayboard is being cut.
The material cannot be attached to the mat The material to be cut/drawn or original to be scanned cannot be attached to the mat.
Care and Maintenance (Cleaning the Mat).
Periodically clean the mat.
Error message about the mat
Not enough space on the mat. Check pattern size, space on the mat, Cut Area (setting) or Pattern Interval (setting).
Not enough space on the mat. Max: 10 (example: calculated number).
This mat cannot be used.
Cannot unload the mat. Pull the mat after turning the machine off.
The mat cannot be recognized. The mat will unload.
Purchase of the mat To purchase consumables or options, contact Brother Customer Service.
For details on the consumables and accessories, refer to the Consumables & Options section on this support website.




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