What Should I Do If the Material is not being Cleanly Cut by the Trimmer Blade?


Solution 1


While keeping the left edge of the material aligned with the rolled material guide, firmly press the trimmer down on the right side of the material. While holding them in place, slide the trimmer blade from right to left to cut off the material.


 【If the material is not very pliable】
   Firmly press the trimmer down on the right side  of the material


 【If the material is fairly pliable and has a strong curl】
    Firmly press the trimmer down at the center.

image (1) Rolled material guide
(2) Trimmer
(3) Trimmer blade




Solution 2


Clean the trimmer blade.
If lint or dust has accumulated in the trimmer blade, the material cannot be cut.
For details on cleaning, refer to Care and Maintenance (Cleaning the Trimmer Blade).





Solution 3


The trimmer blade may be worn.
Replace the trimmer blade with a new one.



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