FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Copy on Both Sides of the Paper (2-sided Copy)

Reduce the amount of paper you use by copying onto both sides of the paper.
  • You must choose a 2-sided copy layout from the following options before you can start 2-sided copying.
  • The layout of your original document determines which 2-sided copy layout you should choose.
  • To use the automatic 2-sided copy feature, you must load your document in the ADF.
  • When you manually make 2 sided copies from a 2-sided document, use the scanner glass.
  • Select A4 sized paper when using the 2‑sided copy option.
2–sided to 2–sided
1–sided to 2–sided (Long Edge Flip)
1–sided to 2–sided (Short Edge Flip)
2–sided to 2–sided
1–sided to 2–sided (Long Edge Flip)
1–sided to 2–sided (Short Edge Flip)
  1. Load your document.
    • For 2-sided scan models: Load your 2-sided document in the ADF. If you use the scanner glass for your 2-sided document, select the [1-sided⇒2-sided] option.
    • For 1-sided scan models: Load your 2-sided document to the scanner glass.
  2. Press [Copy].
  3. Enter the number of copies.
  4. Press [Options]>[2-sided Copy].
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To make 2-sided copies of a 2-sided document, press [2-sided⇒2-sided].

    • To make 2-sided copies from a 1-sided document, follow these steps:

      1. To change the layout options, press [Layout], and then press [Long Edge Flip] or [Short Edge Flip].
      2. Press [1-sided⇒2-sided].
  6. When finished, press [OK]. (If the [OK] button is displayed.)
  7. Press [Colour Start] or [Mono Start].

    If you placed the document in the ADF, the machine scans the pages and starts printing.

  8. If you are using the scanner glass, repeat the following steps for each page of the document:
    • For a 2-sided document, turn the sheet over along the long edge to scan the other side.

    • Place the next page on the scanner glass, and then press [Continue] to scan the page.
    • After scanning all the pages, press [Finish].

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