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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Print as a Booklet Automatically (Windows)

Use this option to print a document in booklet format using 2-sided printing. The document's pages will be arranged according to the correct page number and will allow you to fold the print output at the center, without having to change the order of the printed pages.


  • Select A4, Letter, Legal, Mexico Legal, India Legal or Folio sized paper when using the automatic 2-sided printing function.
    (Letter, Legal, Folio, Mexico Legal and India Legal for USA/ Canada/ Latin America, and A4 for others.)
  • Make sure the back cover is closed.
  • If paper is curled, straighten it and put it back in the paper tray.
  • Use regular paper or thin paper. DO NOT use bond paper.
  • If the paper is too thin, it may wrinkle.
  1. Select the print command in your application.
  2. Select Brother XXX-XXXX (where XXXX is the name of your model), and then click the printing properties or preferences button.
    The printer driver window appears.
  3. Click the Basic tab.
  4. In the Orientation field, select the Portrait or Landscape option to set the orientation of your printout.

    If your application contains a similar setting, we recommend that you set the orientation using the application.

  5. Click the 2-sided / Booklet drop-down list, and then select the Booklet option.
  6. Click the 2-sided Settings button.
  7. Select one of the options from the 2‑sided Type menu.
    There are two types of 2-sided binding directions available for each orientation:
    Option for Portrait Description
    Left Binding Left Binding
    Right Binding Right Binding
    Option for Landscape Description
    Top Binding Top Binding
    Bottom Binding Bottom Binding

  8. Select one of the options from the Booklet Printing Method menu.
    Option Description
    All Pages at Once

    Every page will be printed in booklet format (four pages to every piece of paper, two pages per side). Fold your printout in the middle to create the booklet.

    All Pages at Once

    Divide into Sets

    This option prints the whole booklet in smaller individual booklet sets, allowing you to fold at the center of the smaller individual booklet sets without having to change the order of the printed pages. You can specify the number of sheets in each smaller booklet set (from 1-15). This option can be helpful when folding a printed booklet that has a large number of pages.

    Devide into Sets


  9. Select the Binding Offset check box if you want to specify the offset for binding in inches or millimeters.
  10. Click OK to return to the printer driver window.
  11. Change other printer settings, if needed.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Complete your print operation.

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