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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What are the expected yields of the consumables?

A new toner bottle contains enough toner to print approximately 12,000 A4/Letter-size, single-sided pages at about 5% coverage (if the print density is set at level 0).


Consumables yields (in printable pages) are as follows.

 Consumable  Maximum Number of printable pages

Toner Cartridge

Approximately 12,000 A4/Letter, single-sided pages
@ 5% coverage

Drum Unit

Approximately 60,000 pages
*1 page / job and long edge feeding

Staple Cartridge

 Min. 3000 staples/cartridge

  • Toner consumption varies according to the image coverage on the page and the print density setting. 
  • The Toner bottle is a single-component cartridge and contains microfine toner which does not become magnetized. 
  • The greater the image coverage, the greater the toner consumption.
  • If you change the print density setting for lighter or darker printing, the toner consumption varies accordingly.
  • Drum life may vary based on various types of use

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