How do I sew such as vinyl, leather, quilting layers and velvet?

Use the optional walking foot. (ex. "Walking Foot", "Open Toe Walking Foot")
Fabrics that can be difficult to sew as vinyl, leather, quilting layers and velvet can be easily sewn.
Use the walking foot with the closed front for thick layers of fabric and the walking foot with the open front when greater visibility is needed.

  1. Attach the walking foot to the machine.
    Waliking Foot
    Walking Foot
    Open Toe Waliking Foot
    Open Toe Walking Foot

  2. Set the machine to straight stitch.
  3. Sew.

    • When sewing with the walking foot, sew at a speed between slow and medium.
    • Do not sew in reverse or use stitches that require side ways or reverse feeding.

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