Innov-is A150

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I adjust the sensitivity of the operation keys?

You can adjust the sensitivity of the operation keys to 5 levels. Display the settings screen to set desired level.


(1) Operation keys
  • The operation keys of this machine are capacitive touch sensors. Operate the keys by directly touching them with your finger. The response of the keys varies according to the user. The pressure exerted on the keys does not affect the response of the keys.
  • Since the operation keys react differently depending on the user, adjust the setting to adjust input sensitivity for operation keys as follows.
  • When using an electrostatic touch pen, make sure that its point is 8 mm or more. Do not use a touch pen with a thin point or a unique shape.


  1. Press img02 (Settings key) to display the settings screen.



  2. Display the seventh page of the settings screen by pressing img04 or img05 , then press img06 to select img07 (Input Sensitivity).


    (1) img09 : Press this key to move to previous page.
    (2) img10 : Press this key to move to next page.
    (3) img11 : Press this key to select the next item.
    (4) img12 : Press this key to select the previous item.


  3. Adjust the input sensitivity by pressing the img13 or img14.


    (1) img16 : Press this key to decrease the value of the sensitivity settings.
    (2) img17 : Press this key to increase the value of the sensitivity settings.

    • The lower the setting, the less sensitive the keys will be.
      The higher the setting, the more sensitive the keys will be.
      The default setting is [3].
    • We recommend selecting the highest setting if an electrostatic touch pen is being used.
    • While adjusting the input sensitivity, press any of the numeric keys to check the sensitivity. When the key responds, the setting value indicating the sensitivity blinks.


  4. Press img18 (Back key) or img19 (OK key) , after you changed necessary settings.



If the machine does not respond when an operation key is pressed

Turn machine off, then hold down img20 (Needle position button) and turn on the machine to reset the settings.
Display the settings screen, and then adjust the settings again.


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